Hardware Design

Zkey’s hardware design services cover the full range of product development activities, from initial conceptualization through the management of volume production. Our PCB design services include the development of digital and mixed-signal printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a wide range of market applications. We have an impressive track record for first-time-right PCBs, including high-speed, high-density, analog, high-voltage and RF and wireless designs. Our hardware design services include PCB design, layout and prototyping, embedded software services, FPGA design, pre-production design verification, regulatory certification, test fixture development, and transition to manufacturing.



  • High-speed, multi-layer digital PCB designs, e.g. PCI Express Gen 3, HDMI, HD-SDI, XAUI
  • High-speed serial 1GHz to 10GHz circuits
  • High-speed parallel circuits, e.g. DDR3/DDR2/DDR4 memory interfaces, proprietary buses
  • High-density and high pin-count designs in advanced PCB technology, e.g. microvias, via-in-pad, ultra-fine pitch BGAs, ‘first-time-right’ methodologies
  • Low-level analog PCB designs
  • Test fixture PCBs
  • Memory interfaces, e.g. DDR2, DDR3, DDR4
  • Mixed-signal boards requiring noise / power isolation
  • Signal Integrity: pre- and post-layout analysis and verification
  • Impedance-controlled, transducer-interfacing, and sensitive signal designsOne of Nuvation’s key differentiators is our ability to provide more than just schematic-to-gerber PCB layout services.
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant lead-free designs
  • New Product Introduction for high-yield, low-cost production, and IPC class 2 and 3 PCBs
  • DFT (ICT coverage, JTAG test vector development, HALT, HASS)
  • DFx for volume production (including BIST and test fixtures)
  • HDI-buildup for boards with ultra-fine pitch high-density packages
  • End-of-Life and cost-reduction redesigns



ZKey uses the most advanced technologyies and tools to meet your needs, including Altium Designer, Cadence OrCAD, Mentor Graphics DxDesigner, Solidworks, and SPICE.