Oil & Gas

Faced with high production costs, strict safety regulations and fierce competition, oil and gas applications are committed to making the industrial environment more efficient and safer than ever. In this industry, facing two major issues is the key to its main competition: 1. The application environment of high temperature and high pressure, and 2. Real-time and efficient data communication.


For applications that break through the extreme temperature, whether it is manipulating an oil drill that travels a mile underground or making precise measurements on a jet engine, special high-temperature electronic solutions are required to ensure performance and reliability. For these and other harsh environment applications, ZKey provides products designed for extreme temperatures, and its product portfolio meets extreme temperature standards. This ability allows us to develop products that must have high performance, high reliability, small size and low power consumption in extremely harsh high-temperature environments.


In response to the need to improve business efficiency, real-time information and enhanced collaboration between field experts are being used to achieve better asset management. In addition, subject to various safety regulations, users are exploring ways to make factories safer through continuous monitoring. Today’s oil and gas companies are increasingly deploying local area network access points and IP surveillance cameras to provide a higher level of efficiency and security, thereby making the availability, flexibility and affordability of network power supplies The key to maximizing return on investment.


Oil and gas exploration requires excellent data logging and real-time analysis capabilities to ensure that any analysis of the large amount of data collected has the correct time stamp. A large number of accurate time stamps are used in oil and gas organizations to effectively assist companies in rebuilding live models on site. This is essential for network synchronization used in oil and gas data centers. ZKey provides customized data acquisition and communication integration modules, which can achieve real-time, high-efficiency and low-power solutions in harsh working environments and limited size requirements.