Machine & Computer Vision

FPGAs have been widely adopted in machine vision sensor interfaces and frame grabbers due to high bandwidth interfaces and low latency pixel-level manipulations. With the rise of smart cameras and other forms of embedded visual intelligence, FPGA SoCs are the optimal solution for compact and capable vision applications due to single chip integration of:

  • In-house or ecosystem IP support for the latest versions of MIPI, SLVS-EC, LVDS, USBVision, GigE Vison, CoaXPress, CameraLink, and other vision interfaces, including multi-camera and multi-display support at the highest frame rates
  • Optimized OpenCV functions to implement existing user vision algorithms on ARM processors or FPGA fabric or across both domains
  • Heterogeneous architecture and SoC tool flow maximizes performance/watt by offloading or accelerating bottlenecks in processor-only implementations
  • Real-time analytics and machine learning supported by in-house or ecosystem solutions
  • Connectivity over diverse Industrial Ethernet standards, including support for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

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